Hello to all of you virgins out there!

Whether you are a boy or a girl, straight or gay, a youth or an adult,
this is where you will find every piece of information for your first
and next sexual experience!

You've browsed the Web, found some answers to the dilemmas sitting on your mind, but are these answers relevant and reliable?
Do they properly describe this matter?

Since I know that most websites give only brief answers to your questions, I decided to assemble all the facts I know into a highly useful book "Putting the Train into the Tunnel" - A Guide to Losing Virginity.

Putting the Train into Tunnel

You will find answers to your every question
in this book!

My name is Lisa, I am 39 and a mother of two.
Before I became a mother, I had been roaming through the unknown world of love and sex for a long time. I admit that I lost my virginity relatively late for today's standards - mostly because I had long waited for the right person to do it with. I was also afraid of many things related to the first sexual act. Would it hurt?
Would I change afterwards? Would I unwillingly get pregnant? Looking back at this very moment, I am ready to share my long-term experience as well as teach you many things I didn't know while I was young.

In this e-book you will find detailed instructions regarding the right age to lose virginity, kissing, making it as painless as possible, having safe sex, life afterwards and many more things you've been wondering about.

There will be no porn in this book.

Even though sex is the main topic I am covering,
it is here mentioned only within an educational context.

You are afraid?

Do not worry. Everything will be alright, and you will learn how to safely and painlessly lose your virginity.

You do not yet have a partner?

No worries either. You will learn the technique of seduction.

You do have a partner, but do not know how to kiss?

No problem. You will learn to kiss like Casanova.

In case you are wondering if this is just another e-book with text compiled from around the Internet - the answer is NO. I spent nearly two years working on it, and it is 180 pages long. I consulted some experts.
I also talked to youngsters - teenage boys and girls, listened to their questions and problems they face every day. I noticed that many young people do not posess sufficient knowledge about the first and next sexual experience, fetching information only from the Internet - from numerous highly unreliable sources.

Why is this book one-of-a-kind?

Other books will tell you: "Go to the nearest bar and find a partner."
But this is not the way it goes.

I write about applied psychology and specific methods of
succesful seduction.

Or they will say: "Kiss your partner passionately."
But this is not enough.

I describe ten types of kissing in detail.

Or, they will say: "Endure the pain of your hymen being torn, because the pain will go away." But that's all they ever say.

I describe techniques that minimize the pain.

Losing virginity is almost never described from a male point of view, regardless of whether he is a virgin, or it is his partner, of both.

This book was written for both genders, as well as gay people.

And so on.

This is what you will find in my book:

I would personally recommend this e-book to every young person going through puberty, but also to caring parents who are willing to give it to their children just before they enter puberty. I can't wait for my kids to grow up, so that I can have them read the book, since I know that they will be embarassed to ask questions directly. I intentionally wrote the book knowing that young people avoid talking to their parents directly
on this subject.

If you wish to find out all about sex and losing virginity
in one place, this is the right book for you!

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There's a FREE GIFT inside - "How to Kiss" and "How to Seduce"!


Whoever has purchased the e-book will be able to reach me through the contact form on this site. Customers should enter the code located on the back of the book. If you are one of them this way will get you an answer to any question of yours - even though it is unlikely that there are answers not yet given by the book itself. Others may contact me using the contact form on this website, but only with questions regarding the contents of the book.

Each customer shall soon receive a FREE ADDENDUM:
"Sexual poses, having multiple orgasms and simultaneous orgasm"!

Each customer shall also receive a free FAQ!

My friends, my colleagues and experts in this field suggested that the price of this work may not be under $100, and that a discount should lower it no further than $75. However, I have decided to set the price at $39 only!

Since I know that many of you are young and not yet making money on your own, I have decided to make it more affordable during this month. So, until February 28th the price will be ONLY $9,99!

Yes, you heard well, a 180-page book with every possible advice on how to go through your first sexual experience you’ll get for an UNBELIEVABLE PRICE OF JUST $9,99!

I doubt that there is a book with so many issues explained for such an affordable price! So, once again - all about exploring your body, finding
a partner, kissing, foreplay, losing your virginity and techniques of doing it, risks, safe sex and much more - for only $9,99!!

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"Hi Lisa,
I have read the book and I am delighted by the number of useful facts I found!
I was first afraid, but once I went through the advices, my self-esteem went up, and the act of losing my virginity went much easier than I thought it would be! It did hurt a bit, but far from what I had expected, and my first sex came to wonderful ending! :) Now I know how to protect myself and have exciting sex in the future! Thank you so much for the book! Angie."

"Hi Lisa,
My name's Andrew, and I must admit that I was convinced that this was just another pile of facts I had seen around the Internet. But soon I realized it wasn't like that! I especially liked the chapter about dating and getting together with girls. I already began using the advice from this chapter, and my life became much more exciting! ;)) Thanks for generously sharing all this with us!"

"Hi Lisa,
I'm your namesake! :) I read the book cover to cover, I even read some of the chapters twice, just to make sure I got them right! I did the thing the other day and I thought I'd tell you first! ;) It was far better than I expected! BTW I loved the part on kissing, I had had no idea how many techniques there were! Love, Lisa!"

"Hello Lisa,
I read the book and I was blown away. I never found so much useful advice in any other place. I haven't got laid yet, but I plan to do it soon. The book boosted my self-esteem and I'm already set to find a partner. I'm on the right track! :) Thanks for the book! Mary."

"Hi Lisa,
I'm I bit embarassed, because I'm 25 and I was I virgin... until I recently read your book! The pieces finally came together, and I decided to do it - and I'm delighted with the outcome! Thank you so much! I would recommend this book to everyone, whatever the age, even to those who are no longer virgins! Yours, Lorraine!"


In case you're still wondering if "Putting the Train into the Tunnel" is the right book for you, you do have the right to cope with problems lying ahead by yourself. Just have in mind - there are many. It will be very difficult to find the right answers to questions sitting on your mind.

Putting the Train into Tunnel

What I'm offering you is to learn all that might interest you when it comes to your first sexual experience, for only $9,99 - regardless of whether you're a boy or a girl, straight or gay, a youth or an adult. And not only your first sexual experience, but each next one also.

You're one step away from learning it all for only $9,99.

It is up to you to make the decision and make yourself happy.


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This e-book is available exclusively through the Kindle Store for $9,99.
If you are a Prime Amazon Member you can borrow it for free of course.
I am looking forward for your customer reviews.